The Benefits of Having Stack Stones

Join me as we take a look at some of the benefits of using stack stones in your remodelling projects or as a modern and unique way to give that old drab area new life. There are many different types, colorrs, styles, and for stack stones and it can be a bit overwhelming to think about at once. For this very reason we have created this helpful and handy list of some key benefits of having stack stone over other mediums.

What are Stack Stones?

First, let me explain what stack stones are...Stack stones are simply stones which are stacked together to form the wall or fire place or patio sculpture (whatever you desire) the stones are stacked precisely and carefully in an interlock pattern. It is this pattern that makes the stones strong and durable. Because there is no need for mortar or cement to hold these together you have a more natural look to your project.

Why Stack Stones?:

  • Free Flowing Water – because there is no need for mortar between layers of stack stone the water can flow freely between the rocks. This is ideal especially in winter when the freeze thaw cycle begins. This is important in places like Melbourne who experience winter conditions, this helps keep the structure and stack stones in place.
  • Cosmetic Features – let’s face it stack stones just look awesome! They create this natural look that gives a contemporary and modern look as well. You can design these stones in so many configurations, only your imagination is the end of the design options.
  • Affordable – since there is no need to use concrete to hold stack stones together you actually save money in labor with your contractor as well as you are cutting costs when it comes to materials as well.
  • Strong – when you stack these stones properly they are quite strong, these stones are great to use in the building of walls, fireplaces, and even yard sculptures. There is a local artist who has used stack stones to build a life size model of a truck at a local park!
  • Durable – stack stones are a stone which means they will withstand the elements and still keep their beauty. These stones are strong and durable without sacrificing beauty and elegance.
  • Ease of Repairs – compared to other stone building types stack stones are super easy to repair should you ever need any. When you have easy repairs you typically have cheaper repairs as well, which in time again will save you money.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing stack stone for your project, a wide variety of colors, styles and design options there is certainly something for everyone.


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