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Follow these 10 tips to protect your business reputation online! By monitoring key spaces and keeping a close eye on your PR buzz levels, #ChiaExplains how to manage and protect your business reputation online — and OFFline. 10 reputation management tips (and more) inside the video!

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#ChiaExplains how to protect your business reputation online — 10 ways!

00:00:10 Why do you need to protect your business reputation ONLINE?
00:00:50 Do these 10 things to protect your business reputation online — and OFFLINE
00:00:59 Monitor your reputation on review sites
00:01:21 Monitor your business activities on social media
00:01:36 Monitor your business reputation in social media
00:01:55 Monitor your company outside of social media
00:02:15 Protect your company by monitoring sudden changes in PR buzz levels
00:02:47 Monitor the reputation of your business partners
00:03:10 Monitor your hashtag
00:03:28 Monitor your reputation in search engines
00:03:46 Monitor key brand reps
00:03:57 Monitor your reputation in comparison to the competition

Creator & host: Chia-Luen Lee

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There are 10 things you can do online to protect your business reputation everywhere — find out more, inside the video!

Hey guys, it’s Chia from Brand24 and today I want to share a few tips on how to protect your business online!

A key thing to remember is that even if you’re not involved in ecommerce and you’re focused on foot traffic — getting people to physically come into your stores — it doesn’t mean that your clients and customers won’t talk about your company online. So, all those reviews, recommendations and stories that they’re sharing… on Yelp, Twitter or elsewhere – these can all have a huge impact on the reputation of your business – and that can be positive or negative.

We talked a little about reputation management last week – here’s a link to that video in the corner up there, in case you missed it. We covered the basics: what online reputation management IS — and 2 main aspects to consider!

This week, I want to go a little deeper and show you 10 ways to protect your business reputation, and it all starts with areas that you need to monitor online.

The first thing you want to monitor is your reputation on review sites, especially popular ones like Yelp, Google Reviews, TripAdvisor and Booking. Check these regularly to make sure you catch any negative reviews that will lower your ratings and damage your reputation. Different websites have different policies and you can’t always remove a bad review, but you can definitely address them and either apologize or defend your business if you need to.

The second thing you want to monitor is your company’s social media accounts. Try to maintain an active business profile in social media since this is important to both your followers and the algorithm, and make sure you respond to people when they engage with you.

The 3rd thing to monitor is your reputation among OTHER social media accounts. Beyond keeping up with engagement on your own business accounts in social — see what OTHER accounts have to say about you. The easiest way to keep track of this is by monitoring mentions of your company on the Internet with an app like Brand24.

The 4th thing to monitor- is your reputation on blogs, forums and other places on the Web. People don’t just share experiences on official review sites or in social media — sometimes they’ll share stories on blogs and forums, especially if the experience made such a strong impression that they need more than 280 characters or a couple sentences to express themselves.

The 5th thing to monitor is a sudden increase in mention about your business. If you typically see just a few mentions per week for your company, but then suddenly get double that amount or more, it’s important to find out what’s causing it: is it good buzz or bad buzz? Protect your business online by setting up Storm Alerts to notify you when you have a sharp increase in online chatter about your company. And bonus: you can also set up alerts for a sudden increase in social media reach, which could mean that an influencer is talking about your company, for all their followers to hear.

No. 6 is to monitor the reputation of your business partners. For example, if your business works with a delivery service, keep an eye on THEIR reputation. Make sure they’re not…

More tips inside the video!