Granite Slabs and Tiles
Granite is a natural stone product. Our earth is estimated to be more than 4 billion years old and its believed that when earth was forming it was like a hot and liquid ball of rock. Once this hot and liquid ball of rock cooled, three types of rocks were formed. These three types of rocks are called metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous. Granite is the third category, which is igneous rocks. These igneous rocks were created deep below the surface of earth when the magma cooled and therefore granite is one of the hardest forms of rocks and also crystalline in nature. Granite has different minerals present in it but two major components are quartz and feldspar. Granite is also igneous and plutonic in nature. This means that it began as a molten liquid state that solidified as it cooled. The texture of Granite is determined by the rate in which it was cooled. Granite which formed closer to the earths surface cooled more quickly resulting in granite with smaller crystals and are usually darker in colour. Similarly, granite formed near the earths core composed larger crystals and therefore cooled more slowly and usually is lighter in colour. Granite comes in a variety of shades and colours. From blues, black, greens, reds, browns, yellows, pinks and whites. Due to the strength and beautiful array of these colours, granite lends itself well for many applications in both commercial and residential construction. Please refer to the FAQ page for available granite tile and slab sizes.


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