• Desert Sand Sandstone Tiles Melbourne
    Desert Sand Sandstone Tiles Melbourne
  • Sandstone Crazy Pavers Suppliers
    Sandstone Crazy Pavers Suppliers
  • Desert Sand Crazy Pavers Melbourne
    Desert Sand Crazy Pavers Melbourne
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    Mint Sandstone Tiles Supplier
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    Teakwood Sandstone Sales
Sandstone as we may know is a sedimentary rock composed of small grains cemented by felspathic, siliceous, or calcareous cementing material. Sandstones is a extremely hard and tough material and consists of consolidated masses of sand deposited by moving water or by wind. We have a wide range on impressive colours and patterns available. At Indus Stones we offer a splendid variety of Sandstone including Kandla Grey, Desert Yellow Brown, Autumn Brown, Raj Green, Raveena, Lalitpur Yellow, etc. Some of these are readily available in stock and others can be arranged on order. We also have an extensive collection of quality and innovative paving stones. The manufacturer of all these products continuously monitor and maintain an excellent product quality with high ethical and environmental standards.


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