Slate Stone

Physical Properties

Composition Cericite, Muscovite, chlorite,hematite, micas, kaolinite, quartz,clay and other accessory minerals (wide variation in composition).
Absorption Low – medium oil, water other liquids
Hardness Can be as hard and dense as granite, Soft – easily scratched
Tendencies Absorbs oils and liquids…Softer/medium varieties scratches easily.
Weathering Due to the wide ranges of slate, the characteristics also varies. Cleft planes
Character provides permeability for water penetration resulting in spalling and flaking. Slates that have a high kaolinite content (a clay) display accelerated rate of deterioration in wet environments
Finish Different finishes such as wax, acrylic, natural cleft and honed.
Colors Colors vary widely for Slates and comes from North and South India.
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Slate stone is a fine-grained metamorphic rock formed by the composition of mud and stone sediment. These stones are chemically a multi-mineral rock with composition of minerals and colloidal substances. The composition consists of members of Mica group commonly sericite & muscovite and accessory minerals such as oxides, calcites, minor amounts of quarts and feldspar. It also has some contents of ferro-magnesium minerals. This fine grained metamorphic rock formed of the composition of minerals and other organic substances is hardened by heat and pressure. Since the geolgical process varies greatly from place to place, Slate Stone hardness and porosity also varies. Slate stones characteristics vary with source. It may be black, green, yellow, brown, red or mottled and is relatively dense. Many natural slate stones that are available today have wide ranging physical characteristics and overall suitability. The natural slate stone differs in its density, tensile strength, absorbency and abrasion resistance.


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