Regular Sizes x thickness
  • 30 x 30cm x (10 mm calibrated)
  • 40 x 40cm x (12 mm calibrated)
  • 60 x 30cm x (12 mm calibrated)
  • 60 x 60cm x (15 mm calibarted)
Special sizes on Order
  • Custom Sizes are also available on order.
The rich coloured Indian Autumn Slate thrives with wide ranging pigmentation which is sure to illicit the coziness and warmth to the eyes. Indian Autumn is available in cleft and tumbled finish. The slate is suitable for both interior and exterior use. The hard wearing surface and compactness of this slate makes it ideal for flooring on high traffic areas. Indian autumn slate is impervious to water and can also withstand varying climatic conditions thus retaining the original charm for years.Indian Autumn slate comes in tiles, paving, blocks, slabs, etc. All the stones are carefully calibrated to ensure easy and perfect installation.


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