How You Can Take Advantage Of Our Stack Stones

Are you looking for a way to transform and bring your home to life? Stack stones are the way to go then. Strong, durable and stylish, our stack stones are raising the bar when it comes to stunningly beautiful and secure tile designs. We are the experts that can deliver the stack stones designs and styles that you want. But how can stack stones be used for your Melbourne home? Take a breath, as we look down on the ways that stack stones can change your Melbourne home. This is what can happen to you:

  • Build a wall How lovely would it be to have a stack stone wall separating your dining room and kitchen, the top can be a marble counter top/serving bar. You can have a functional and rustic looking divider wall.
  • Update your current fireplace Replace the old red brick of your outdated fireplace with the new up to date stack stone look. You not only will create a new look but you will give the entire room that elegant and charming feel. Pair your new fireplace with a few "woodsy" type decorations and you can have a real outdoorsmen feel to the place.
  • Cover an entire wall You have seen accent walls before, right? Usually these consist of a wall being painted in a different color than the rest, typically a bright and vibrant color that gives the room a POP! Now, you can take that accent wall and use stack stones to create the same look. You will want to remember once your stack stone wall is up you won’t be able to really hang things from it, so put it on a wall you don’t want to decorate.
  • Build a desk Ok this might be a little over the top but could you imagine sitting down to figure out bills or work at a stack stone desk with a solid wooden top to it?

As you can see the designs are endless only stopped by your ideas and imagination...well and your contractor. *haha* Talk to your contractor about different designs you can use stack stones for, and be creative the nice thing about these versatile stones is the ability to fit everyone’s desires and needs. Bring an outdoor feeling to your indoors and create a truly custom one of a kind look with these fantastic stones.


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