The Stats of Stack Stones

Stack stones building isn’t something that is new to the construction field, in fact of you look back through history there were many cultures throughout the world that used the idea of stack stone building to construct buildings, walls, and many other structures. Today, the same concept is used only you have better options when it comes to choosing styles, colours, and types of stack stones for your project.

Stack stones are stones that are purposefully and precisely picked, they are then stacked in a pattern that creates an interlocking system. It is this system which holds the stack stones in place, eliminating the need for concrete or other "Sticking" materials to bind the stones together. Typically the stones have smooth sides and a ridged yet sophisticated look to their front surface. Stack stones come in many different sizes and their colors vary, although they tend to stay with the more "earthy" tones to give a more natural appearance to the stones and in turn your project.

You can use stack stones on the inside or outside of your home for projects like fireplaces or fire pits, retaining walls, or garden walk edging. You can even use these for the outside of a pond, fish pond, waterfall, or even a homemade bird bath! The options when it comes to the use of stack stones are really limited only by your imagination and your contactor.

Stack Stone Stats:

  • They come in three main shapes – round field stone, flat stacking stone, and dressed stone (the dressed stone is a little more formal in appearance).
  • They are sold by the ton in most cases (but your contractor may have different options).
  • They are durable, strong, flexibly, and easy to repair
  • They will stand the test of time (think about all those old structures you see on your Sunday drive, the stone buildings...most were built by hand many years ago and still look fabulous)

The best way to choose your stack stones is to first decide the type of look you want then go from there. Since the stones come in more natural colors they can be paired with many different looks and décor. If you are concerned about matching your current décor or colors talk with your contractor and see if they have samples that you can take home and pair up with your current items to double check and be sure things will blend nicely.


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