Why Stack Stones Work For Indoors & Outdoors

Are you looking for a change in the exterior of your home, maybe the addition of some new feature? Might we suggest looking into the versatile and durable medium known as stack stones. These are stones that are able to be placed without the use of concrete or other mortar type material. The stone instead are strategically placed in a pattern which holds them together and creates a sturdy and solid finished project. Take a walk with me down idea lane as we look as some popular and unique ways to use stack stones on the exterior of your Melbourne home.

  • Update that old fire pit – create a lovely round fire pit with stack stone. These stones will create a lovely rustic look to your outdoor fire pit when you build the outside with these stones.
  • Create a unique cooking area – if you are like me and enjoy cooking outdoors you know it can be challenging without enough space, so build yourself a little cooking area made from the durable and strong stack stones. Top off your work space with a smooth stone counter top and cutting board and you are ready for a summer filled with outdoor cooking.
  • Fish ponds deserve makeovers – do you currently have a fish pond or looking to build one? Line the exterior with stack stone for an elegant and contemporary look that is unique from other fish ponds out there. The stones create a rustic outdoorsy look and feel.
  • Accent your home – stack stones make excellent accents to any home, allow the stones to accent the bottom half of your home’s exterior to create a whole new look without a whole lot of effort. Since the stones do not have concrete holding them together you won’t have to worry about damage being caused by the freeze thaw cycle which we all know is a pain in Melbourne. Since the stones come in a variety of colours there is sure to be a colour that will accent your home’s colour perfectly.

As you can see the designs are endless only stopped by your ideas and imagination...well and your contractor. Talk to your contractor about different designs you can use stack stones for, and be creative the nice thing about these versatile stones is the ability to fit everyone’s desires and needs. Create one of a kind looks for your outdoor space with the help of these wonderful, versatile, and sturdy stones.


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