Move Out House Cleaning Cost

How much would you charge for this house to the tenant ? It is important to share with other people that. All realtors and management companies request a good move out cleaning in order to get the tenant this deposit back.
This is a move out cleaning estimate for the last tenant because she wants her deposit back from the realtor, management company or private landlord. I always record before doing the cleaning services.
Elizabeth think that 0 is a far price, I think between 0 and 0. Let see if we agreed in price with the client. In a video you cannot see the actual pet hair and dust stick on the walls, corners, door frames, etc. Just cleaning the wood blinds correctly takes time. So let see if the client accept our estimate.
* Well this house has the same laid out from the previous heavy duty remove horrible cat and dog urine smell from the carpet and tile. In this description, I will put some links from the previous job.
* Super Heavy Strong Pet Odor Move out cleaning:
* Trash Removal in Landfill:
* Actual Cleaning Part 1:
* Actual Cleaning PArt 2:
* Remove Odor for Carpet Padding:
* Emergency Trick to remove pet odor in A/C :

*Limpieza Profunda casa en EspaƱol”
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This kind of move in move out cleaning is for a realtor or management company or landlord who request to have a professional to clean the house in order to return the deposit and have a clean house to show the next tenant for sale or rent the house.